Schools, Education and Covid19

- In light of the Covid19 crisis, students and parents face many worries and questions about precautions taken to confront spreading the epidemic and to continue the educational process, therefore, administrators are trying hard to comfort parents, by taking all measures to prevent the disruption of the disease, and returning to school is an important step, but will schools return on its usual form? We are now in a transitional stage, a stage based on social distancing and adopting healthy habits as a way of life, but is this sufficient to face the crisis?

 The importance of the smart system for schools in the time of Covid19:

 - There is a real opportunity to be recognized among schools, as e-learning and the smart administrative system can be the solution in the struggle for the return of schools, now is the time for technologic creativity to save the situation, where a decision can be made to stop schools at any time during the academic year and to complete it online, so schools must take advantage of this crisis by real development of their educational and administrative system through smart programs and websites, that is what distinguishes one school from another, the ability to solve any issue and respond to all parents' inquiries.

 From a school with smart buildings to a smart school:

 - In addition to that, the existence of an integrated digital administrative and educational system makes the school what is called a smart, interactive integrated school and not only characterized by smart buildings. Helping to solve the education and students' crisis, by providing a solution flexible with any decision can be taken by the Ministry about the possibility of another wave of disease, or the continuation of the educational process by adding online classes.

 - Distinctive schools are those that have visibility for the future, meeting the needs of parents and students by taking the initiative to use a smart system, through which they can fully manage the school, and give students online teaching classes. It gives flexibility with the current sudden changes in the educational system, as the presence of a similar system used by the school and students, attracts many parents who are interested in their children's educational and health matters, and raises the school's status among its competitors, as taking the initiative makes it a pioneer for its parents.