Covid19: One special opportunity

  - Sometimes a person must face the worst to become a motivation for his persistence in facing crises, and devising solutions to ensure both of his safety and the safety of his loved ones, this crisis has changed people's behavior, not only in the healthy and preventive aspect, but with the desire to develop and search for any opportunity to save the economic side, and there is no doubt that this epidemic will end, but its impact will last, especially the positive ones, as there is no absolute evil, sometimes opportunities lie in the direst circumstances.

Marketing opportunity for your school:

- One of the positive aspects is the increasing awareness of people towards the importance of electronic technologies, and there is a unique golden opportunity for schools, that will not be repeated and does not need much marketing from schools, as it has become an urgent need from all parents and students, Whoever took advantage of it ensured its prosperity and distinction among the rest of the schools, which is the transformation of the school from a regular school, that does not follow modern technologies, except for necessity (but in an unstructured or professional way) to a sophisticated smart school, and I am not talking here about smart buildings only, but rather about an integrated process of changes, It attracts both parents and students for its high marketing advantage, as technology is a commodity of the modern era and its need has increased now, and only those with the insight and speed to act will see the impact of the positive transformation of their school.
How can I start as a school principal?

- As a school administrator, you must follow some steps to transform your school into a smart school:

Step one: Automating all administrative processes in the school, converting all data from paper data to electronic data, transferring all accounting and financial systems, and even transportation management and school supervision for electronic transactions.

Step Two: Permanently supporting E-learning, which enables students and teachers to communicate remotely through a digital school system, and support the E-learning process, which provides you with flexible space mixing E-learning with education, in adapting to any ministerial decisions related to education.
- These are the most important steps to transform your school into a smart school.

Advantages of adopting a technical system for your school:

- There are many advantages that you can gain, by converting your school into a smart school, the first of which as we mentioned before, it will be a big advertising campaign for your school, as all schools are now following preventive measures and trying to implement the remote education system in one way or another, but you have completely transformed your school into a smart school, systematically and professionally, you have a strong competitive advantage that increases the number of your students and qualifies you to move your school to the next level.
- Also, one of the advantages of your smart school is the development of your economic and financial administrative process, as the electronic administrative system provides you with accurate reports allow you to make decisions that increase profits, and help you implement your ideas and suggestions so that you have your school as you imagined it, with less effort and higher efficiency.
-Reaching dreams requires change, and change requires persistence, perseverance and work to fill the need, and this is your opportunity now to fill the need, so start!


Schools, Education and Covid19

- In light of the Covid19 crisis, students and parents face many worries and questions about precautions taken to confront spreading the epidemic and to continue the educational process, therefore, administrators are trying hard to comfort parents, by taking all measures to prevent the disruption of the disease, and returning to school is an important step, but will schools return on its usual form? We are now in a transitional stage, a stage based on social distancing and adopting healthy habits as a way of life, but is this sufficient to face the crisis?

 The importance of the smart system for schools in the time of Covid19:

 - There is a real opportunity to be recognized among schools, as e-learning and the smart administrative system can be the solution in the struggle for the return of schools, now is the time for technologic creativity to save the situation, where a decision can be made to stop schools at any time during the academic year and to complete it online, so schools must take advantage of this crisis by real development of their educational and administrative system through smart programs and websites, that is what distinguishes one school from another, the ability to solve any issue and respond to all parents' inquiries.

 From a school with smart buildings to a smart school:

 - In addition to that, the existence of an integrated digital administrative and educational system makes the school what is called a smart, interactive integrated school and not only characterized by smart buildings. Helping to solve the education and students' crisis, by providing a solution flexible with any decision can be taken by the Ministry about the possibility of another wave of disease, or the continuation of the educational process by adding online classes.

 - Distinctive schools are those that have visibility for the future, meeting the needs of parents and students by taking the initiative to use a smart system, through which they can fully manage the school, and give students online teaching classes. It gives flexibility with the current sudden changes in the educational system, as the presence of a similar system used by the school and students, attracts many parents who are interested in their children's educational and health matters, and raises the school's status among its competitors, as taking the initiative makes it a pioneer for its parents.

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